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Óbuda University, a major player on the higher education market, provides human focused, high quality and competitive service, training and education with lasting affects in the fields of engineering, information technology, economics, technical and teacher training in Hungary with international outreach.

Óbuda University is the only university in our country where civilian security professionals are trained. We offer BSc, MSc and Phd level education for our students. Please visit www.banki.hu and www.uni-obuda.hu for references.

The ABI operates a laboratory within the Óbuda University Bánki Donát engineering faculty. We test biometric identification devices there to reveal their true capabilities, because manufacturer datasheets and statements are often embellished, inaccurate and/or neglect to mention significant details (e.g. how did they obtain the values they claim). We realised that currently there is a lack of independent testing laboratories for these devices worldwide, which is a gap we aim to fill.

Biometric identification systems, while getting more and more affordable, can be very expensive, if one chooses a device or system that isn’t fit for the particular purpose. Our aim is to create an ever growing database of test results, providing the best possible independent information about these systems to help making a responsible and good decision

Our main scopes:

  • We classify and rate devices in our independent and professional laboratory, revealing true capabilities, weaknesses and usability.
  • On discovering any risks and/or security problems, we inform our partners and the manufacturers first to give them the opportunity to modify systems, fix problems, to communicate, etc. before publishing the results.
  • We frequently present our results to the security professionals at conferences and symposiums.
  • We are resident presenters on Hacktivity every year.


We aim to deliver our vision through:


  • Initiating dialogue with all parties involved, ranging from legislation through industry and research to education, acting as an advocate to security and integrating best practice.


  • Examining and rating the true capabilities of biometric devices, with respect to the manufacturer provided data about usage and performance, thus encouraging manufacturers to provide more accurate specifications for their systems.

Inspire innovation

  • Setting the highest and most appropriate targets for manufacturers

Value for society

  • Stimulating discussion on security issues and maintaining our independence and credibility.


We aim to enlighten decision makers, security experts and any people seriously interested in the field at a high standard.

We wish to make our methodology, developed to test biometric identification devices, accepted and a standard internationally.

Providing the above as a service, we aim to be an independent, internationally known and renowned organisation that has a significant voice in the security community, and extend our scope to other security devices and systems.

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