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Applied Biometric Institute operates a laboratory within the Óbuda University Bánki Donát engineering faculty. We test biometric identification devices there, to reveal their true capabilities, because manufacturer datasheets and statements are often embellished, inaccurate and/or neglect to mention significant details (e.g. how did they obtain the values they claim). We realised that currently there is a lack of independent testing laboratories for these devices worldwide, which is a gap we aim to fill. ABI is a professional, independent institute, supplying you with impartial, well founded information about the world of biometry.

Beyond this, ABI is also an intellectual workshop, creating publications, presentations, involved in research. Through our cooperations, we obtain invaluable field informations about biometric devices and we shape their experience into easily understandable and directly usable data for leaders, decision makers, security experts and all who are interested in the field of biometry.


ABI biometric identification tests are geared towards revealing biometric identification device capabilities under both normal and stressed operation. Our normal tests, which are mostly scenario tests, include, for example, a general overview, enrolment tests and performance tests under normal circumstances. The stress tests simulate real conditions, where different kind of interferences might reduce performance - with regards to the technology - which manufacturers do usually not test and write in the datasheets. This will help you to make an informed decision and choose the best possible device for your planned application.

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Case studies

Applied Biometrics Institute case studies are made of real, live examples to show you how others fared with biometry, what were the pros, cons and possible pittfalls in the particular applications. Through their experience you can learn how to implement biometry properly, what you should avoid or look out for and what you can achieve with it and how it may help you and your company to prosper. You may find companies in your field within our ever expanding case study database or devices you plan to use and spare yourself needless expenses and frustration by doing it right the first time.

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Several technologies (e.g. fingerprint detection or iris recognition to just name a few) are available in the field of biometry. The ABI biometric technological guide is here to describe the scientific background and introduce you to the advantages, disadvantages and usability of the available technologies. to give you a preliminary insight and help you determine the direction you want to go. We also track the latest developments for your convenience.

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Beyond our tests, we constantly publish content to help those who wish to get a true picture of the usability and limitations of biometric technologies.